Review Policy

I review books and ebooks. This blog focus is on well written reviews and summaries. Sometimes  offering insight into the literary universe such as new release dates. I will read anything to try to expand my literary interests.

Book recommendations are highly encouraged and appreciated – especially for authors, topics, and  genres I have not had the pleasure of being introduced to yet. Anyone can recommend a book to me, either as a comment or in an email to:

contemplatingreason [AT] Gmail [DOT] com


Here’s a list of things to know before the initial contact to ask me to review the publication:

1. My reviews are subjective. They are my honest opinion. My opinion will not change even if the book is free.

2. I refuse to give a biased review of the publication in exchange for a free copy.

3. I cannot promise I will review your publication, but I will add it to my “to read” shelf on Good reads, on my personal shelf next to my bed or loaded onto my Kindle and/or Tablet.

4. I will read the first 100 pages of the publication, in order to decide if I will write about it.

5. If a publication was given for free, the title of the post will have “(Sponsored)” after the title and a sentence at the end of the post as well, such as “Book was given freely by (name of Author/publisher).”

6. Publication must be readily available in all stores or have an upcoming release date.

7. By sending me a free copy of publication, you consent to let me write a review and/or summary of the publication according to MY OPINION.


The eBook must be in a format that I can read on either Kindle Keyboard (.mobi preferred) or a Windows 8 tablet.

EBook must be readily available in stores (Amazon Kindle, Nook…etc) or have an upcoming release date.


9. Email Format:

All emails about possible free publications are to go to: contemplatingreason [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

All emails are to be in the following format:

Subject: Book for Review


1. Who you are in relation to the book (author/publisher/publicist/office cat).

2. Short summary of the publication.

3. Notify me if you are sending it in eBook, soft cover, hardcover, etc …

4. Book/author links including facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumbler, instagram … etc

5. Attachment of publication cover

6. Attachment of eBook (if applicable)


***Please email me at contemplatingreason [AT] Gmail [DOT] com with any questions, comments, or concerns.***


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