The Korean Word For Butterfly



What an interesting book.

There’s multiple levels to this book and as soon as you’re enthralled in it, it ends.


I felt so cheated. I have so many questions left unanswered. I hate when authors do this.

The book is written in multiple point of views of three different characters: Moon, Billie, and Yun-JI. Billie and her boyfriend Joe take a teaching job in Korea. Moon, a worker at the school, is the first person that interacts with the couple. The character of Yun-Ji came out of no where. She also works at the school, but never seemed like an important character to follow. It was confusing.

The novel takes place in 2002-2003 in Korea, while Bush was president of the U.S. Things were not easy for Billie and Joe to be in Korea at a time like this. Two Korean girls got ran over by an American Tank. Some Koreans hated Americans. It was a difficult journey for them from beginning to end, and it did end abruptly.

Moon. Poor Moon. My heart aches for Moon. He’s my favorite character of the novel. He’s the only character that is open about his past and has admitted to making mistakes. He is a strong character and has had his share of defeats.

Yun-Ji is a young Korean woman that is just finding her voice. She lives at home with her traditional mother and always working father. Yun-Ji is what is suppose to be the traditional Korean in this novel to show the cultural differences between Americans and Koreans – especially between her and Billie. The same thing happens to both of them and they handle that differently, of course.

It was a good, short, and deep book. I feel more educated about Korean culture and values now.

I also recieved it for free on Amazon’s Daily Kindle Deals. The book is currently listed for $2.99 on the Kindle store – which is a good price.



The Fault in Our Stars Book Review


I started reading this book while on a flight from Orlando to Chicago before the July 4th weekend. I got half way through the book in the 2 hour flight. Honestly, I was distraught that I had to wait days in order to finish the book; however, I had an adventure to participate in a city I’ve never been in.

I finished the book while on the flight back home from Chicago to Orlando. It took everything I had to keep the tears from being abundant and noticeable to the passengers next to me, both of whom were men.

This is quite possibly the best love story I have ever read. Two ill teens coming together, bonding over a mutual friend, and apparently an amazing and fake (fake as in does not exist in our real world) novel, An Imperial Affliction, that they both loved and managed to travel to Europe just to meet the author, Peter Van Houten. I wish I could read this amazing fictional book just to know the obsession that Hazel, the main character, has with it. Plus, how does this fictional book end with no ending? That bothers me greatly.

The story is beautifully written and inspiring. There’s so many amazing quotes and life lessons to be learned throughout this one book that only took about six hours in total to read.

Upon goggling this book, I am thrilled to see so much fan art and retail sales via t-shirts, magnets, upon other things and trinkets. Some of my favorite fan art will be on this post. I will give all the credit to the artists and designers along with a link to their webpage that is embedded onto their works of art:






My Bloody Life


This book showed me a world I have never ever been a part of. It almost seemed like a horrid fantasy land, like Edgar Allen Poe’s vision of Oz, but it is not. It is a real place in the United States. It is a city known as Chicago.

Gangs are dangerous in multiple ways and that is the main message of the book. It takes you on a journey from Reymundo’s childhood all the way through his teenage years. The book is captivating, in depth, vivid, and shocking. It is difficult to put down due to the fast pace spiral Reymundo goes down – his own personal rabbit hole. He just keeps falling deeper and deeper going through the levels of gang involvement, decrease time in school, and his increased use of drugs and violence for different purposes and reasons.

Overall, this is an amazing book. The only other book that has exposed me to a world I have never known before and found this captivating was The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

I am looking forward to reading the squeal to this book, Once A King, Always A King. 



Inheritance Cycle Book Review

I started reading Eragon months ago, I believe in March. I finished Inheritance a little over a month ago. I only started reading Eragon because my best friend and boyfriend highly suggested that I read it. It was one of his favorite series and he desperately wanted someone to talk about it with. Plus, his favorite animal is dragon. He does not know this, but … I watched the movie when he was at work one day (Sorry Babe!). I was about a quarter of the way through the book and I got curious. All I got to say is “What a horrible book to movie adaptation! It left out so many key details and put some characters in the wrong places and didn’t even have the characters look like the description from the book!”

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! Do not waste 104 minutes of your life. IMDB gives the move a 5/10 while Rotten Tomatoes give it a 16%…

The book is better, despite the fact that they were written by a teenage boy. It was entertaining  except for whenever the dwarfs met and had to talk politics. That just dragged on and on and on and on and on ….. and on. Dwarfs are very old and ancient race sticking to their beliefs and their customs, always staying patient.

I enjoyed witnessing the relationship and bond Eragon and Saphira develop as the story progresses. It’s such a deep emotional attachment to the point where they would not know what to do if anything happens to the other – which I found to be quite beautiful. I also like how the story trades off point of view from Eragon to his cousin Roran, whom is dragged into the mess that Eragon has created. Both of these characters go through different obstacles and character development and still windup teaming up together.

The books took me awhile to read, mostly because I had other things I needed to do and other things I wanted to do. Reading these were not particularly high on my list of things to do, but it was enjoyable. I was fascinated with the Elf city and the ancient language. This is a good book to read for pre-teens to young adults since, at it’s core, it’s a coming of age story. Both Roran and Eragon went from being teenagers to being men. Strong, resilient, driven, goal-oriented men.

For the girls, there’s Saphira – a strong, beautiful, and wise dragon. She develops and grows with Eragon in every way. The battle together, eat together, tried to get a mate around the same time. They also communicate telepathically to each other. Everyone would want this ability with their best friend. There’s Arya, the pretty Elf ambassador  whom is very skilled in fighting. Reading about Eragon’s relationship with her was one of my favorite parts because their relationship changes so often.

Overall, I’d recommend this book to people who like Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, and The Chronicles of Narnia. The one problem I had with this book is not knowing how to pronounce things in the dwarf/elfish language. That bothered me because there was no pronunciation guide.

Aside from not knowing how to properly pronounce the words in the other languages, and the chapters about the dwarf politics, it was entertaining. I was crestfallen at the very end. I wanted another book to be written due to the ending being so abrupt and final. I wanted to read more and to know what happens, but the author will not be writing another book for the cycle, sadly. I was so frustrated at the ending that I called my best friend and yelled at him. He replied with “Muhahaha! I had to share that ending with someone.”  I was furious. I wanted to write a letter to the author and demand his reasoning for not wanting to write another book and for ending it so abruptly. I decided against that since the odds of authors actually responding back to fan-mail is low.

This is just my opinion. Honest and true.

****Note: In the books there is a dictionary and pronunciation guide in the very back. I read the books on my kindle and found it frustrating to be going from one page to another just to figure out how to pronounce a word properly. The author should have just put it in the book while Eragon was learning the language as well. Take a note from J.K. Rowling and have a character pronounce it for us like Viktor Krum did for Hermione’s name. 

50 Shades Trilogy Review

Reviewing the Trilogy as an entirety, is not an easy feat. It’s nothing like Harry Potter, where you think each book is perfect and you simply cannot decide on a favorite. Nor is this book like Twilight Saga, where Bella is always having a fight within herself, between being apart of reality, and the vampire/wolf world. Yes, the two (meaning Twilight and 50 Shades) have a lot of similarities. But! They are very different, as they should since this book is aimed at an entirely different age group. No fifteen year old should be reading this, at all. Even though, I know some parents out there are doing just that. Please, for the benefit of a doubt, at least fall in love first (in a relationship, no just a really big crush,okay), or at least have sex (do not go have sex with a random boy just because this blog said to), just once, before even attempting to read this. I don’t want girls out there thinking that some hot CEO is going to scoop them up and have their way with them just because that’s how ONE book told them that’s how it is. That is simply not the case. Sex/love (or both) happen with people at many different places for many different reasons. I don’t want teenagers out there thinking that all guys want is hot, kinky, “red room of pain” fuckery. That’s not what all guys want. Each and every guy is different and have different needs, hopes, and dreams. This, is very important to remember.

I felt the need to write that little bit, just in case.


The books tell the life of Anastasia Steele, as she is finishing her college years and graduate soon. She’s forced into interviewing Mr. Grey for her best friend, Kate, who has the flu. She embarrasses herself in front of Mr. Grey by not checking with Kate about his background information and by asking him if he is, in fact, gay. Mr. Grey is intrigued by Ana, to the point of showing up at her work and asking her some personal questions. He hands her his business card for a photo shoot for the school paper. Jose, Ana and Kate go out for drinks. Ana and Jose get wasted and Ana accidentally dials Christian’s number. He shows up as soon as Jose tries to kiss Ana. Christian takes Ana to his hotel suit, where he takes care of her, as in, holding her hair back as she pukes. This starts their BDSM relationship, after he makes love to her, making her lose her virginity to him. That’s only one of their many “firsts”. He buys her a car, new clothes, first edition books, … etc… and in return, all she has to do is be his sex slave. All that doesn’t sit too well with Ana. She is very cautious but curious. She never does sign the paperwork. However, she does participate in the “Red room of pain” where Christian “aims to please”.  Some of it was too much for dear Ana, some of it she liked. In the end, it made her leave him because she didn’t know how to deal with him anymore.

– End of book one-

Book two starts with Ana in depression, and Christian pretty much almost going insane. They get back together, without all the kinky fuckery involved i.e. “vanilla”. They are both in love, obviously. Christian starts to announce her around as his “girlfriend” (started in the first book, another one of their many firsts). She gets a job at a local publishing firm, where she’s an assistant to a complete and utter scumbag. Christian beats him up for making a move on Ana, and fires him, since he bought the company a couple of weeks ago. Christian asks Ana for her hand in marriage, where she is reluctant to say yes, since she knows that he’s “50 shades of fucked up”. One of those shades being his old and first mistress, Elena Robinson. Oh, do they argue about her. Ana views her as a pedophile, taking advantage of Christian when he was just 15 years old. One of the other 50 shades is Lelia, an ex-sub of Mr. Grey’s.  She went completely crazy after her lover died suddenly. She broke into Christian’s house as well as Ana’s. When Ana went to her apartment to check on Ethan(Kate’s brother), Lelia was in the apartment holding a gun. Christian came running to the rescue.  Ana and Christian also started to see his shrink together. She asks him his opinion about Christian. After this conversation, she tells Christian that she will, in fact, marry him on his birthday. Christian was more than excited to share the news with all his birthday guests.  At his party, Mrs. Robinson decided to be a smart mouth to Ana, to the point where Ana throws her alcoholic drink into her face! (That was my favorite part). This book ends with Ana’s old boss, waiting outside the Grey’s house.

-End of book two-

The last book starts with Christian and Ana on their honeymoon on a boat they rented. They’re in the south of France. Having a blast. Their 3 week vacation is almost over and have to return to work. They bought an actual house together which is getting renovated. Ana still has security with her at all times. She goes to have a drink with Kate one night, against Christian’s will. She comes home to broken furniture and one of the security guys knocked out Ana’s old boss. Apparently, he was planning on kidnapping Ana for ransom. After that, Christian surprises Ana with a trip to Aspen, with some friends tagging along. They only stay for a couple of days. Ana finds out she’s pregnant. She decides to tell Christian, who blows it completely out of proportion. He goes talks to Mrs. Robinson and gets drunk. Ana is fearful for her baby’s life. She spends the night in the “red room of pain”.  An anonymous person bails her boss out of jail. Jack (her old boss) calls her on Mia’s phone, telling her to bring 5 million dollars to him within two hours. Ana, does as she’s told, but it’s not an easy task. She’s shocked to see one of her workers there with Jack. He hits her, kicks her, and attempts to beat her up. Ana, being smart, pulls a gun out on him and shoots him. Ana falls to the ground, tired and exhausted for the days events. As soon as she does, Christian and the police shows up. Jack is taken to jail. Ana’s in the hospital for a couple of days. Her baby is fine. She returns home, and then to work a week later. While most of this is going on, Ana’s dad is in the hospital, after being hit by a drunk driver. He’s fine after a week in the hospital. The book ends with Ana pregnant with baby #2. They’re living in the house that was being renovated. The first baby ended up being a boy named Teddy. Baby #2 is a girl. Her name will be Phoebe.

– End of book 3-

Book 3 had more kinky sex scenes than book 2. Even when Ana is pregnant, she had kinky sex.

Overall, it was a good book series. In the sense that it was entertaining and educational (about BDSM). If you’re not into reading romance or erotica, then don’t even bother picking up this book.

This is just my opinion. Honest and true.

50 Shades Freed Book Review



I started reading the last book of the trilogy with a little skepticism, as the last book was somewhat disappointing. I didn’t understand the title of this book until the last few chapters. They (mainly Christian) became free from blackmail, certain people that made their life worse, and the past. The past always seem to haunt Christian, dragging Ana along with him. I got to hand it to Ana, though. She is one brave young woman.

This book was pretty much about Ana asserting her dominance and will over her husbands workers and even her husband. She had problems with his “requests” and often deliberately defied him; Which led to fights, which led to sex, and this time, it wasn’t so vanilla.

I was irate when I started reading the book and it went straight to the honeymoon. Umm …. excuse me, author, but you bypassed a couple of months… which I didn’t like. I was rather looking forward to the wedding planning, all the appointments that Ana and Christian would have to go to for cake tasting, color selection, etc… But no. We, the readers, got denied such a big, beautiful, and expensive part of the Grey’s life.

Another thing, can Christian ever say anything other than “Ana, you’re so beautiful.” or “Your skin is so soft.” Okay. We get it. Ana is pretty/beautiful/hot. Can we use some other descriptive words, please?

This book was much more entertaining and exciting than the last book.  I was right about my assumption of Ana having her work cut out for her. In the end, she’s victorious and has everything she ever wanted or needed. She has her “Happily Ever After”, after all.

That lucky bitch.

This is just my opinion. Honest and true.

50 Shades Darker Book Review


Continuing the “50 Shades” trilogy, I indulged into the second book, wanting, needing to know what happens, especially leaving the first book on a cliff hanger like that!

So, I indulged …. and …. got bored. Parts of the book were fascinating, like learning all of Mr. Grey’s dirty little secrets, the many misunderstands (as I will call them to not ruin the book), and the sex scenes (to put it as Mr. Grey says it from the first book: “vanilla”, but hey! it’s still a sex scene). Let me just say that it went from an “erotic” novel to “romance” really, really, really quickly.

The novel lives up to its name, exploring the darker side- and the past of Mr. Christian Grey. That past comes up and bites him right in the ass … I wonder if that would arouse him (the biting of the buttocks). My mind thinks “Possibly”.

Again, she leaves the book on another cliff hanger. URG!

I felt as if a selected few chapters were out of place and didn’t flow with the book, like the second to last page. I felt like there should have been a least that line between paragraphs (like this ~~~~~~) to tell the reader that a new scene or another character is about to happen. This mark, I felt, was put in the wrong place. Unless, there were an error in the e-reader format of the book, or an error with my Kindle.

Darker isn’t a bad book, honestly. It’s insightful, entertaining, and somewhat frightening at parts. I’m going to blame the monotony and lack of erotica on Ana, since she isn’t that kinky after all…

Ana is one lucky girl, but I think she has her work cut out for her.

This is just my opinion. Honest and true.